Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.
The Bhagavad Gita

Halong bay Yoga Meditation

Are you both yoga and travel addict? Are you looking for some ideal places in the world to start the journey to “find yourself”? Does your yoga room at home make you feel blocked or asphyxiated? If all the answers are “yes”, so Halong Bay is a must-visit place that you should put it in your bucket list now and there are things that will make you love practicing yoga retreat and meditation on Halong Bay.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation on Halong bay© my.yogic.journey

Halong Bay is definitely an ideal place for yoga retreat and meditation!

Fresh and Tranquil are those first impressions that the Bay bring to you. Imagine yourself in the early morning of the bay, waking up after a comfortable and cozy night on a cruise and start doing your practice in the super fresh atmosphere. Just you and the wild, completely blended yourself with Mother Nature. Then comes the sounds of birds living in some karst and limestone around, and first sunshine of the day… It is truly worth getting out of your daily routine and trying something new. It will bring you to a higher level of yoga retreat, right there, you will deepen your breath and further your practice. And of course, more and more yoga poses and harder positions are made easier in a right place.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation on Halong bay© manoj_yoga

You can do it solo…

Practicing Yoga and Meditation on Halong bay© photographystayfocused

Or do it with your partners like this!

Practicing Yoga and Meditation on Halong bay© thrive_caroline

Practicing Yoga and Meditation on Halong bay© thrive_caroline

Halong Bay is not only a perfect place for yoga exercises, it’s also a place for some meditation and Taichi lover. A huge and beautiful place will challenge you to think about your body in a new way. Physical. Feeling. Free. A new perspective will take you out of your daily comfort zone and change the way you see your mind, body, breath, and practice. You will feel yourself so tiny in comparison to the wild nature, and then immerse it in the tranquility of thousands karst and limestone.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation on Halong bay© leeroysurf1979

Practicing Yoga and Meditation on Halong bay© meghanomicon

Besides, going on a retreat brings you a lot of benefits. Stronger and healthier, more beautiful and confident, more flexible and reduce stress, your inner strength gets better,…a lot of good things for your life. Yoga even gives you the ability to calm down. No matter where you are in your practice, a yoga retreat and meditation will make you feel better.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation on Halong bay© manoj_yoga

Where and when in Halong Bay to do your yoga retreat, Taichi and meditations?

Some cruise operators offer Taichi sessions in their tours, so just ask them and read the itinerary carefully if you really want to have time for Taichi and Yoga.

And early morning is the best time for this! The morning on the bay is very quiet and breathtaking. You can hear the sounds of birds, ocean waves and enjoy the first sunshine of the day onboard. Remember to wear a light jacket if it is foggy and windy season on Halong Bay.

You can have your own time on the sundeck:

Practicing Yoga and Meditation on Halong bay

Or even on a wild and beautiful beach:

Practicing Yoga and Meditation on Halong bay

When you visit a new place, you’ll meet all kinds of amazing people sprinkled throughout your journey. These people and their stories will teach you things you never even knew you didn’t know. You’ll be inspired by their lives and their yoga practices. And a collection of yoga poses in everywhere you visit is not a bad idea, right?

Just get out of your comfort zone and come to Halong Bay. The Mother Nature will not let you down.

Dragon Legend cruise offers you a Taichi section in the early morning (06:00 am), check out the cruise itinerary and start a new day with this relaxing activity to refresh your body, your mind!

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