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We chose this cruise after a lot of research and it definitely met our expectations and beyond. For most of the time, we didn’t see any other boat around us which made it a very intimate experience. We experienced magical sunset and sunrise on the cruise. We booked the combo of Bai Tu Long Bay and Sapa and it was not disappointed! We hiked through the valley and it was very beautiful. The rice fields look amazing, every now and then you will spot a buffalo grazing or a pig running around.

Somnath Flyn / Norway

Service is more than excellent in there. Pick up and boarding process is very well done. Food was also excellent however they could have been little more.occidental but that is a personal preference!! Bar closed too early and the beach time is too short!. Overall, highly recommended!!

Guillermo B / Madrid, Spain

We spent one and a half days at Yen Duc Village after our cruise with Indochina Junk in Bai Tu Long Bay. We were greeted by our guide. She made the stay an excellent experience. She is from the village so knows the history and locals very well. We rode our bicycles everywhere which was very fun and visited a lot of local families and learned about their history. We fished with bamboo baskets, made brooms from rice straws and visited the local morning market. Highly recommend this experience!

Alicia Fenney / Texas, United States

The trip to Halong Bay with Indochina Junk has been amazing from the beginning to the end. What I liked about the cruise company is their efforts in going green and supporting local communities. The amenities, staff and meals were top notch. The review is absolutely breathtaking and the room is the best!!!

Jayden White / Singapore

Before coming to Halong Bay it was very intimidating booking cruises, there are just so many to choose from! We definitely made the right decision with the Dragon Legend cruise. Everyone was so friendly and made sure we were enjoying ourselves throughout the entire cruise. The food was plentiful and they were very accommodating to dietary issues giving us supplemental options. What a wonderful way for us to spend part of our honeymoon!

Ben / Rajkot, India

We were so pleased we chose to stay overnight in Yen Duc village as an extension to our Dragon Legend Bai Tu Bay cruise. Thut our guide, is a delightful and gracious hostess and made our stay very interesting, informative and quite memorable. And her English is superb!

We especially enjoyed cycling with Thuy around the village and meeting the locals. We fished with a bamboo basket, trying to grab the slippery fish inside it, which was such fun, hulled rice using traditional equipment, spent time with a delightful local grandmother making a broom from rice stems and spent a relaxing and informative time drinking tea with one of the oldest members of the community in the oldest house in the village!

The atmosphere of the Village is so welcoming and relaxing. Our room was beautiful and so quiet! Yen Duc Village gives visitors an authentic experience of rural life in Vietnam. The food they provide is delicious and there is a wide range of options for those who have special diets such as vegetarian food and people with allergies. The presentation of any meal is just fabulous. After our evening meal we all got together and made our desert. Yum! We were very impressed and suggested they run cookery classes as an addition to the services they provide. After dinner, we were treated with traditional music by a fantastic local singer.

If you are looking where to spend some time after your fabulous trip to Bai Tu Bay, try an authentic Vietnamese village, and experience day to day life and learn more about the people and their history. Yen Duc Village is the place to go!

Jaclyn A

We had a fantastic time on the dragon legend cruise! There was the perfect amount of both activities and relaxation and all was organized by the extremely friendly staff. Right after that, ie headed to Ninh Binh that we booked with Indochina Junk in advanced. And Phat Diem Church, it was really beautiful and well preserved! A unique blend of European and Vietnamese Architecture and not to be missed if you are in Ninh Binh or TamCoc.

Lousie Margaret / Australia

My friend and I took the 2D1N on Dragon Legend 02. Our guide Smiley and Milky Man were very kind and helpful! We enjoyed the clean cabins, beautiful views, delicious food and great hospitality from all the staff. Indochina Junk is the only GREEN-CERTIFIED junk boat service. Halong Bay has a lot of trash and is full of tourism. They did a very good work on protecting the bay. Would highly recommend!

Lyly Boston / United States

Incredibly beautiful 3 days around Halong Bay. The kayaking was fantastic and food very good. The crew were efficient and organized. About the trip to Ninh Binh, we decided to stay in the village so we had options for dining and the odd luxury of massages etc. Surrounding landscape is spectacular.

Jacques Lynn / Singapore

What a wonderful experience in Bai Tu Long Bay. Wonderful itinerary planned and executed by the team. We even got a surprise honeymoon cake! Glass water bottles and the Green Ha Long Bay initiative is also a plus! The lunch and dinner was top notch dining experience. The rooms were big and 6 star quality. Awesome cruise!

Emilia Mraz / Wellington, New Zealand

Lovely accommodation about 40 mins from Halong Bay. Beautiful rooms surrounded by rice fields. Food was lovely, too much if that’s possible! Other than that, utterly enjoyable, we biked around the village, were invited into homes, learnt about rice husking, broom making, went fishing in the traditional fashion, and attended a water puppet show. So much fun.Highly recommended and book ahead as limited rooms.

Robyn Chen / Sydney, Australia

We did the Dragon Legend One cruise. We had an amazing experience from start to end, the boat itself is very comfortable, our cabin was great. The food was abundant and of a good quality standard. Also, we very much appreciated the Green Ha Long initiative. We love the ocean and getting such an initiative started here is certainly a challenge. Good on you!

Miguel Parks / Rugby, England

The food was delicious and plentiful. The rooms were beautiful and the beds were comfortable. It was relaxing and peaceful, but there were a lot of activities to keep us busy. They also take the time to explain the itinerary to you and also educate you on the “green bay” initiative which looks to try and keep the local area pollution free. I would love to go back and do it again!

Andy Brew / New York, United States

We had the most fantastic stay on board and enjoyed the trip very much. Food was perfect and the staff was very attentive and helpful!

Katie / United States

We stayed for a 3D/2N cruise which was done in a very professional manner. It was full of exciting experience and surrounded by the beautiful bay. The cabin was spacious and luxurious, And the food served was delicious. We just wished there was a 4 day option so we could spend more time just enjoying the boat and the bay!

Alexei S

Having just spent a few days in the craziness of Hanoi, the cruise was a perfect getaway escape to nature on Bai Tu Long Bay. The 3 days were packed with a great mix of both down time to relax along with fun activities including kayaking, a beach BBQ, and an awesome excursion to visit fishing villages on the bay. Indochina Junk is doing everything it can to clear this and we were asked to re-fill our plastic water bottle, just see their “For a Green Ha Long Bay” project. I’d highly recommend this excursion to anyone if you’re looking for a relaxing adventure!

Arozina Cliff / Bogota, Columbia

Amazing trip! The view is amazing and the crew is very nice and have a lot of patience. I recommend to book this cruise!

איתי ז

A hundred times worth it! The views are breathtaking and the views are incredible! I loved every part of both Halong Bay and Sapa. The people are very adorable. I would definitely come back here!!!

Sarah Bullock / Bunbury, Australia

The cruise ship is very comfortable, the rooms are well decorated and it harbors a small group of passenger that makes it a relaxing trip. The food is fabulous and it allows us to taste the several typical dishes. During our 3 day cruise, we were able to travel in the most interesting places of Halong Bay and enjoy a great lunch at the beach in an exclusive island. All the staff was very friendly, extremely nice and very funny.

Stephen & Vicky / Reading, United Kingdom

If you have been tirelessly scouring reviews for the best Junk Boat tour in Halong Bay, LOOK NO FURTHER! The boat was absolutely beautiful, the cabins were so cozy and clean! The staff on the boat is EXTRAORDINARY! I was a little bummed because I thought we wouldn’t actually get to see Halong Bay being in Bai Tu Long Bay, but you do! And they are exactly the same, just less boats for better pictures in Bai Tu Long Bay! I loved the Green approach that Dragon legend promotes, giving back to the environment e.g. collecting rubbish along the way.

Brooklyn Eve / Beijing, China

The trip was wonderful we had a lot of pictures and memories full in mind. Long was our tour guide we appreciate his knowledge about the bay and his kindness in every moment of the trip. This is the only cruise in Ha Long Bay that has a green initiative to help clean up the water. Their dedication to sustainability is incredible, and the cruise takes you to an isolated part of the bay where there are no other boats, so you truly feel the raw and authentic beauty of your surroundings.

Eleanor Young / Thailand

Fantastic boat. Tom cruise and the staff went out of there way to create a memorable trip. The cabins and food were better than we expected. We highly recommended choosing this boat for your halong bay adventure.


This was my second Halong Bay cruise (my first was 9 years ago with a different tour company called Handspan.) This ship (owned by Indochina Junk) was far superior. Our room was HUGE – the size of a small apartment, with a western-style bed (the only western-style bed we slept in during out entire two week trip!!) Because this is a 5 star ship (per Vietnamese standards), the service was EXCELLENT and the food plentiful. It’s served at set times, but you are so well fed that you will not find yourself hungry. The ship was able to cater to my husband’s severe peanut allergy, which was incredibly helpful. Getting to cruise around Bai Tu Long Bay was nice, as it wasn’t nearly as crowded as the cruise I took last time I was in Vietnam in the Halong Bay. The ship’s crew was superb: Kenny G was funny and spoke fantastic English, as did his sidekick Tony (his smile is contagious!) And you won’t know it until the end, but Robinson is a master on the guitar, and Tom Cruise is plays an amazing flute! The staff were truly superb, and would run to get anything we needed. My only criticism is that perhaps alcoholic drinks should be included in the price, although for western standards, the drink prices were pretty cheap anyway. If you’re looking to do a cruise of the Halong Bay area, this is the one to choose. It’s a tad pricier than other cruises, but well worth the money!

Nhan-Ai S / Bogart, Georgia

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