How do I book my cruise online?

Our sales staff is always online to help you choose your favorite trip.

  1. Send request. Use the form on the top to send us your requests of cruise including trip duration, departure date, number of people, etc… Our sales will contact you at the soonest within 12 hours to reply with all details.
  2. Deposit payment. After you have decided to sign up for a trip, please follow our guide to pay deposit for your booking.
  3. Receiving Service Voucher. When deposit has been made, an official Service Voucher will be sent to you for confirmation. We will also require you to send back your details for check in and hotel address for pick up on date.
  4. Prepare your cruise. During preparation, you are recommended to ask us any questions in planning your trip. All of us are delighted to help you prepare for the best time on board in Ha Long Bay.

Are passport required?

Yes, your original passports with valid Vietnamese visa are required during cruise.

What to wear?

Depending on your cruise time, you are recommended to wear

In summer (from May to Augusts): casual wear is the order; you are flexible to wear shorts, T-shirt, sundresses. Do not forget to bring your sunglasses, hat, swimming suites, insect repellents….

In winter (from October to March): warm clothes is needed during cruise, the temperature can be as low as 5 degrees Celsius in the coldest month.

In Autumn and Spring: casual wear, but it is advisable to check with us before your cruise.

Can we cruise with children?

The children are fine to be escorted by adults, sharing cabin and food request depending on age.  There is a must for children to be supervised by their parents and strictly follow safety regulations on board.

Do you have life jacket for children?

We have life jacket for children over 5 years old and it is well prepared. For the younger children, please prepare you own life jacket which you believe most suitable to your child.

How can I cruise when I am pregnant?

Please, advise us about your pregnant status before you cruise. Our staffs will take more care of you. In addition, we strongly recommend pregnant women to take physician advice and certification to show that it is fit to sail. Pregnant women who entered the 24th week of estimated fetal gestational age should seriously consider cruise time and health status before you go.

What is about my luggage?

You can bring some luggage depending on cruise duration, but we suggest you to bring necessary things only. The hotel is willing to store part of your heavy luggage. If you bring a lot of luggage, please let us know in advance.

How is my transfer and pick up?

You will be picked up in Ha Noi by shuttle bus or private car upon your request. Pick up time is between 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter. Other hotels which are not in the Old Quarter should be informed in advance.

Can I be picked up and dropped off at Hanoi/ Hai Phong Airport?

With shuttle bus, it is not available to pick up and drop off at the airports, a private car transfer is recommended to bring you to and from these airports.


Is kayaking included in cruise?

Yes, kayaking is a part of the itinerary and it is well included in the tour price. You will have more time for kayaking in a 3-day-2-night cruise while there is just a limited kayaking time in a 2-day-1-night cruise.

Can I arrange a private table for couples or family?

Yes, it is possible to have private tables for couple or family. We will try to arrange the best fit for your group size.

Can I bring my own drinks on board?

No, sorry. On board, we also have a wide range of drink selection as beer, soft drinks, wine, cocktails, etc.  Just drop by our cool bars.

What kinds of food are served on board?

We serve every meal with a mixture of seafood, meat and vegetables. All the dishes are cooked in Vietnamese style which is very healthy and delicious. However, if you have any special food request (e.g. Western style), please let us know to prepare.

Do you provide vegetarian food?

Yes, we do. We cater all the diet and vegetarian food as long as you give us request and details in advance. Our vegetarian food is also very delicious.

Do you offer gluten free food?

Yes, we do offer gluten free food on board. Please, do let us know about this issue in advance.

Do you provide menu in different languages?

Dining menu on board is available in English only.

Is Internet available on board?

No, it is not. There is not Internet connection on board.

Do I need to pack my hair dryer?

No, you don’t. We provide it at your cabin’s bathroom.

How can I pay for drinks on board?

You are fine to pay us in cash or credit card. USD and VND are both accepted. Service fee and VAT tax will be issued.

Do I get seasick while cruising?

The sea in Ha Long Bay is calm and you are fine to relax, enjoy and sleep well during cruise time.

Where do your cruises start?

We start cruising from Halong cruise port, our Head Office is also located here to operate cruise and manage services.

How can I get back an item which I forgot on board?

Our crews always check for things that are somehow left on board and inform Customer Service to give it back to guests. If you find missing something, please let us know immediately with details of description and last place seen. We will check and answer you at the soonest. Upon finding, all leftover will be shipped to guests at your expenses. Our Customer Service will contact you to arrange the delivery.

How do I report damage or lost luggage?

If you find part of your luggage damaged or lost during stay or delivery process, please claim us with details of your luggage description. The claim should be made right after you leave cruise or shuttle bus. Any damage or lost claims made after you arrived home will not be considered.

How can I share a reviews or photos with you?

You are welcome to share your reviews about us on Tripadvisor, your moments and photos on our social media pages.

When is the best time to visit Ha Long Bay?

Ha Long Bay belongs to typical weather of the North Vietnam, with four seasons. Cold winter from November to March, hot summer from May to September, warm Spring and cool Autumn in the rest time of the year.

Summer seems to be the best time to enjoy Ha Long Bay with clear blue sky, nice swimming and outdoor activities but there are several tropical storms during summer time. In each and every season of year, you will find the beauty of Ha Long Bay.

You should be aware that weather is unpredictable and it changes rapidly, possibly resulting in trip cancellation. If this happens, we will do our best to support guests in dealing with the situation.

What is the cancellation and refund policy in the event of bad weather or unexpected circumstances?


  • Contact your travel agents to know about the cancellation, time to get the next trip or any alternative option.
  • Check your hotel booking in your hotel and then find the alternative tour. There are some day trips around Ha Noi that you can consider: Hanoi City tour or traditional handy craft village tour , Hoa Lu- Tam Coc / Trang An (Ninh Binh), Cooking class, Perfume Pagoda tour, Mai Chau, etc.
  • Refund will be made in full by cruise operators or your travel agents.


  • In this case, you can choose to stay in Halong Bay hotel for the next day cruise (not recommended for cancellation due to a storm which causes bad rainy weather and makes you wait some days to cruise again)
  • Get back to Ha Noi and enjoy other alternative tours around Ha Noi or to Sapa, Ninh Binh, etc.


  • If the weather is expected to be better on the next day and you are on the first day of the voyage, you will be advised to stay one night in hotel (Halong Bay) then continue your cruise.
  • If the weather is bad, cruise operator will arrange transfer for you back to hotel in Hanoi and you will choose other alternative options.

Case (2) & (3), refund will be based on the services that have been delivered to you (shuttle bus, meals, length of trip…) and the rest will be refunded.

What happens if the weather is bad (e.g. heavy rain) and guests cannot enjoy outdoor activities?

In case of bad weather like heavy rain and you could not enjoy activities outside, it is true that you will stay on board to enjoy spa, movies or cooking shows, which are very interesting too.

If the rain is light, we still operate activities during cruise as normal.

The food was delicious and plentiful. The rooms were beautiful and the beds were comfortable. It was relaxing and peaceful, but there were a lot of activities to keep us busy. They also take the time to explain the itinerary to you and also educate you on the “green bay” initiative which looks to try and keep the local area pollution free. I would love to go back and do it again!

Andy Brew / New York, United States

What a wonderful experience in Bai Tu Long Bay. Wonderful itinerary planned and executed by the team. We even got a surprise honeymoon cake! Glass water bottles and the Green Ha Long Bay initiative is also a plus! The lunch and dinner was top notch dining experience. The rooms were big and 6 star quality. Awesome cruise!

Emilia Mraz / Wellington, New Zealand

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