Notices for transportation to and from Hanoi

  • Ha Long Bay, which is a tourist attraction located in Vietnam, is 170 km from the capital of Hanoi, so it takes about 3,5 or 4 hours driving from Hanoi to Halong. Travelling with Dragon Legend Cruise, you will be provided with our exclusive dedicated transportation service called luxury vans, the premium transfer between Hanoi and Halong Bay.
  • In the morning, our drivers will pick you up at your hotel in the Hanoi Old Quarter around 7:30 am to 8:00 am. If you are staying at other places far from the Old Quarter, please contact us for more details. Your trip will end at about17:00 pm on the last day of your tour.
  • We arrange a stop at a coffee shop on the way from Hanoi to Halong Bay. For the way back, visitors will stop at Yen Duc village, a nice local village and enjoy water puppet show there in 30 minutes.
  • Transportation in Vietnam is not usual to foreigners, we recommend visitors to follow driver and tour guide in crossing the road, getting on, off the bus.
  • Seat belt is recommended throughout the driving time
  • On the driving, if you need to stop for toilets or any other request to open the windows… please advise our driver. Our driver can understand some basic English words to communicate with visitors when needed.

Notices while cruising on board

Dragon Legend Cruise promises to bring you the safe cruise trip in Halong Bay. After 3,5 – 4 hours transporting from Hanoi to Halong, you will embark at Halong cruise port at around 12:00 to 12:30 am and wait in our waiting room for checking in. After that, you will be transferred to the Dragon Legend Cruise and start to discover BaiTu Long Bay.

  • Right after moving in the ship, the welcome drink will be served to you on board. Just enjoy it and listen to the cruise manager, he will disseminate safety briefing in a short time (about 10-15 minutes). Listen carefully because you will be informed about the ship’s map and directions, how to use safety equipment in case of emergency and other safety information.
  • With elderly people, when walking up and down the staircase or when using a speed canoe to move, please ask help from relatives and other people, especially our crew members, they are very happy and willing to help you.
  • With some families traveling with kids, never leave your children alone in the room, on the boat, or on the beach. Supervise your kids at all times, particularly while they are playing on the beach, swimming or kayaking. Of course, you will be made to wear life jackets while moving on the sea, even for a short distance.

Safety for foods and beverages

  • Dragon Legend cruise provides a wide range of food selection based on Vietnamese style, including seafood, meats, vegetables and various ingredients.
  • Our chef and kitchen team on Dragon Legend are strictly followed food safety policy and workplace hygiene policy. All of the foods or cooking ingredients are extremely fresh and clean.
  • If you have any special requirements about foods on the boat, please let us know to serve you better. If you are a vegetarian, non-seafood eater, or just have any kind of food allergies, let our sales person who help you book tour, know about it, and then reconfirm with the tour guide before your trip starts.
  • Drinks on cruise are served with tea, coffee, water, fruit juice, cocktails and different kinds of wine. You are recommended not to bring your drinks on board. A service charge will be applied if you bring other drinks on board.

Notices for activities during cruise

When visiting cave

You should bring a hat and wear sandals or shoes, because there are many rocks and shells on the cave background. They may hurt your feet. It is also a little slippery when wet, so watch your head and steps while exploring the cave.

When kayaking

Kayaking is generally assumed to be safe in calm water of Ha Long Bay, but there are still some unpredictable areas that you should avoid. Thus, you better should follow your tour guide‘s instruction. Make sure that you are in good health; it means you are strong enough to paddle around the kayaking area. An important notice for you is choosing a life jacket which is properly fitted; you are required to wear it the whole time.If it is the first time you try kayaking, so it is more important to follow safety instruction, especially in bad weather, harsh terrain of the ocean or strong waves area.

When swimming

You must follow the captain and tour guide’ advice before swimming around the boat, According toHalong Bay Management Board, not all areas on the bay are allowed to swim around. We should care about the tides, currents and strong flows. And beware of jellyfish attack, too. Normally, timing from January to April is jellyfish season and we will arrange staffs to watch jellyfish in swimming area.

Notices for personal property and belongings

Here is some safety information of customer’s belongings onboard you might want to know:

  • In general, customer’s baggage are sent directly from ship to shore and back by our transportation service. Thus, pack a suitcase with what you need and check it in, and for hand luggage, we recommend you bring your valuables, fragile or perishable things, money,passports or other identification docum ent and keep them by your side. Others like clothing, footwear or bulky items you can put in your checked baggage. A small tip for professional travellers is you should pack aslittle as possible, because your trip is not a long day trip, you might not want to bring your entire house while enjoying your precious time.
  • Flammable and dangerous goods, such as firearms, ammunition, firewood, weapons, etc. are not permitted on boat.
  • When onboard, you can keep your valuables in safety box which is provided in each cabin. Personal items of value can be stored at the reception. Ensure the receptionist or duty manager acknowledges receipt of your valuables.
  • In case of loss or damage, you need to report to us immediately and we will check and solve the problem together. Dragon Legend Cruise is limited in our liability for customer’s personal belongings.
  • For the missing items, our staffs always take care of this issue and report any missing after cruise. If you forgot your items on board,please give us specific information of your stuff, we will find them and make every effort to return items left on boat to the owners. You can receive lost itemsat our office in Hanoi or we can send them directly to you and you will pay for shipping costs. We are not responsible for any missing items reported after you returned home or moved to other destination.

The food was delicious and plentiful. The rooms were beautiful and the beds were comfortable. It was relaxing and peaceful, but there were a lot of activities to keep us busy. They also take the time to explain the itinerary to you and also educate you on the “green bay” initiative which looks to try and keep the local area pollution free. I would love to go back and do it again!

Andy Brew / New York, United States

What a wonderful experience in Bai Tu Long Bay. Wonderful itinerary planned and executed by the team. We even got a surprise honeymoon cake! Glass water bottles and the Green Ha Long Bay initiative is also a plus! The lunch and dinner was top notch dining experience. The rooms were big and 6 star quality. Awesome cruise!

Emilia Mraz / Wellington, New Zealand

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