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Travel Hackers

“Travel hackers” is now run by Daria and Kevin. It is like a little and lovely diary where recorded everything in their road. They are on their trip around the world and Halong Bay, Vietnam is one of the must-visit places that we had the honor to host their stay in Jan 2017. They love coloring outside the lines, wanderlusting the little heart out, and fulfilling the creative life. If you want a trustful honest source of information, the “contradiction of sorts” is the right place for you, especially for nowadays “digital nomad”. Every pictures they took are very amazing and breathtaking that made us smile looking at.

Here you go Dragon Legend – a fine luxury cruise sails around Bai Tu Long Bay – the less crowded area of Halong Bay. Since Jan is one of the most beautiful months in Halong, so they did took really really awesome photos.

Visit their website for the detailed article.

Helene In Between

If you are someone who can’t sit still for too long, who want to get on the airplane and fly to some unknown places and you want to share your experience with other people, then Helene in Between is the right place for you.

We got a chance to talk to her during her time during her trip in Halong Bay. We talked about where she had gone, what was her favorite part of her entire trip to Asia, and she said it was Vietnam – “I was excited to have a more relaxed time on Halong Bay. I highly recommend adding this to your list if you venture to Vietnam.”

You can read about some of her tips for The Best Way to See Halong Bay, Vietnam , it is really an interesting article and her photos are nice as well.

En Route Traveler

En Route Traveler is an online resource that inspires wanderlust. A group of former hostelers and backpackers who seek memorable experiences and deep connections with the world has established the blog to share travel tips to be a smart traveller.

On March 2017, we welcome Lara Dalinsky – the founder of En Route Traveler on Dragon Legend. The reason why she chose Dragon Legend was because the cruise visits the less crowded areas of the bay. And she also appreciated that Indochina Junk is a member of the Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam, an organization that practices responsible tourism for sustainable growth within the country. The cruise left a real-good impression on her as she considered that the room in Dragon Legend was even better than the rooms in Carnival cruise.

Her blog is typically long and detail, she talks about her feeling and activities included in the trip, you can read for more here.

Also, check out her Video below:

The Free Passport

Trisa Taro is the creator of The Free Passport and a self-taught photographer who loves to travel and has an unhealthy attachment to her grumpy chocolate labrador, Sherman.

She had the trip with us in March 2017. In late March the weather wasn’t the best – it had been raining in the days leading up to our cruise. But getting to see the limestone isles up close was mesmerizing. And in the end, the rain and mist actually gave the bay a mystical feeling, and made our cruise that much more memorable.

She was so excited about the trip and shared with us: “Choosing Bai Tu Long Bay instead of Halong Bay. During our entire cruise we only saw a handful of other boats, which was one of the things I loved most about the experience. Being away from the crowds added to the peacefulness and allowed us to really enjoy the scenery. I don’t think we would have had the same experience if we had gone to Halong Bay.”

Let’s see how amazing her trip was here.

The Well Travelled Man

Jenna and Steven are the owners of They were born and raised in different countries, but after meeting and found that they all have a big love with wandering and had the same dream of travelling around the entire world, together they founded thewelltravelledman. In their blog, you can find a lot of interesting and helpful tips for your upcoming trip!

When we asked them about the cruise, they’re very happy and shared with us that they spent a lot of time for researching the best Halong Bay cruise, so many options to choose from. And finally, after getting advice from fellow travellers, the reviews speak for themselves, Indochina Junk, particularly the Dragon Legend Cruise needs to be at the top of their list.

And they were truly definitely happy with our high standard cruise line: Dragon Legend cruise! “We visited in April and the weather was warm and we didn’t get a great deal of rain…The boat was amazing. When we opened the door to our air conditioned cabin, we were amazed firstly at the size of the cabin, and secondly the view you have out of your window! The bedroom included a large super comfortable bed and also a lounge room area which had a large window overlooking the Bay. It is so nice waking up to such a beautiful view each morning.”

You can enjoy the detailed blog here or even spend time to follow their Halong Bay trip here:

Mika Vagrant

If you are a solo traveller, please, you can’t miss the blog of Mika Josefine! She is such a great solo traveller with a lot of good tips and recommendations for some who want to enjoy the world alone. She decided to leave the comfort of home to see the world and never be regret of doing this! On she’ll be posting about her travel experiences and happenings. She is very interested in both photo and video, and be really looking forward to documenting it all. The blogs are both written in English and Norwegian. She said that she is no travel expert, but she’ll share her travel tips and important lessons she learnt while on the road.

“The ship was spectacular! My room was great, really spacious and light. And of course… the room had a bathtub with a view! Nothing can top taking a warm bath while admiring Ha Long Bay floating by.”- she said. And she decided to choose our Dragon Legend cruise because it sailed out of tourist filled Halong Bay to lesser known Bai Tu Long Bay. “It felt like we had the whole area to ourselves, untouched and natural. If you’re considering going (which you should!), look for someone sailing to Bai Tu Long Bay. It’s going to be a great trip, I promise.”

And, finally, you can enjoy her story here, very informative and helpful!

And her review videos:

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