Located at the north of Vietnam, Halong Bay has 4 different seasons: Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Not only the temperature depends on the season but also the scenery changes. The highest temp of Halong is 33oC in summer and the lowest one is around 16oC in winter.

The best time to visit Halong bay in the Spring (from March to May) and the Autumn (from September to November), the weather is really cool, not too hot and not too cold. The temperature is around 25oC and the sun shines nicely, especially in April, May, September, and October; so prepare your camera and snap the best moments of the UNESCO site. Most of the activities in Halong bay are doing outdoor, therefore, a dry climate and pleasant temperature are ideal, you won’t want to sweat too much while kayaking or hiking to Thien Canh Son cave.

How about the other times? Summer season seems to be a long holiday for young people, especially students when they can get away from essays, projects, presentation and all the word and number stuffs. Pack your luggage and go, that’s it, summer time. The summer in Halong Bay is as cool as cucumber. Why? The sun is brighter, the water is super warm for swimming and you will get the really good prices from tour operators.   Summer is also a low tourist season so you won’t feel tired of crowdedness. However, there is a thing – Typhoon. The typhoon season in Halong bay starts from June to August, the infrequent storms come unexpectedly and your trip might be canceled just a day before your trip, you will get the refund or rearrange your trip. Heavy raining in the bay also makes your trip less enjoyable because you have to spend most of your time inside the boat.

Winter in Halong bay is a bit uncomfortable, it is misty and all day soft raining. Normally, the cold weather doesn’t have much effect on recreational activities: kayaking, climbing mountains, but swimming is a bit chilled. Occasionally, there are days when it is colder, heavy fog that you hardly see what is behind your ship or the icy rain falls all day, you should have extra attention and follow the instruction of the crew. Besides, the fog makes Halong bay looks more like a dreamy land, the freezing fog make everything blurred like an out focus picture.

In the end, what is the real best time to go to Halong? When summer is nice with a good deal, the sun and warm water, Spring and Fall are ideal with comfortable temperature and soft sunshine.  That’s really depending on you, as long as you enjoy your trip and you have a lot, a lot of unforgettable memories with you, it is the best time.

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